Latest Events and Feedback

What a great writeup from ISB Hyderabad students' visit to schools where our program is implemented. When you receive such great feedback, you know you are doing something right. Especially when you see children demoing the experiments to others -that's the icing on the cake. 
ISB Hyderabad Program Review 
Recently ISB Hyderabad students Pradipta Das, Mehak Sethi and Ankur Wadhwa visited 2 schools in Hyderabad to check Janyaa program. Here is what they have to say:
“On 13th September, our Janyaa team visited two Government schools of Hyderabad, to learn how Janyaa kits are helping the school students. We were very politely greeted by the teachers. We found that the students were very eager to demonstrate the experiments. With some help from the teachers the students from class six to nine properly demonstrated the experiments. We could observe that Janyaa kits helped students transition from bookish knowledge to actual learning which they could retain. Their enthusiasm showed us that they were no longer afraid of studies. Even teachers told that their grades have improved. They regularly used the kits to demonstrate to the students and found them really effective. Even the grades of the students have improved significantly. Overall Janyaa kits are doing a really great job in these two schools.”.
Mr Siddharth Jain IAS – District Collector and Magistrate – Chittoor district, AP
has agreed to implement Janyaa program in 63 schools in Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu’s constituency Kuppam. His passion for education and his vision to teach children using hands-on-learning methods is what made this possible. We are extremely happy to see that government has seen the value in our program and is interested in working with us. When I was talking to him about the additional experiments we added this year, he said ‘You are trying to convince someone who is already convinced about your program’. That definitely made my day. Thank you Sir, Thank you for your support. 

This is just a beginning. You will hear more such news in near future from us.
Prasad G. Kilaru Kranthi Achanta — with Siddharth Jain IAS.

Feedback from Students
"I am writing in my own words in the exams" - 7th grade student from Sankarapalli school in AP.
"This kit is really helpful in understanding science and math, especially Newton's laws. It helps us in our studies" - student from Sanskriti Vidya Bhavan, Ratanada, Jodhpur 
"The kit is like a Kohinoor diamond for teaching science in my school" - Murali teacher from Puthramaddi school in AP.
"It is very ease to explain daily examples and students gave many examples to Geometrical shapes" - NS Sumathi, Maths Teacher for VI"
"Students are carefully observing and applicable in real life and feel happy" - M Lokanatham Naidu, ZPHS, Amudala
"Kit is helpful for students in understanding real concepts" - Jodhpur school teacher
"All practicals are clear and relevant. Students also liked them" - Ratanada, Jodhpur teacher